Myanmar Missions Trip

Reaching out to the Dawei people


The people of the city of Dawei are also known as Tavoyan people (or T-people). Dawei is inhabited by native Tavoyans, other Myanmar peoples (primarily Karen), and by immigrants from China and India. Tavoyan people are poor both economically and educationally. Their lives center on family with a majority of people living in small villages outside Dawei. Tavoyan people earn their living in the fishing or rubber industries. A muti-national company is building a deepwater port northwest of Dawei. The economic impact of this port will profoundly change the region - change has already begun.

Spiritual Condition of Tavoyan People

Tavoyan people live unaware of their Creator's existence. They do not understand their need for redemption nor do they know God's provision through Jesus Christ. Though churches exist in the region, they are led by, and primarily filled with, Karen people, many of whom are "generational" Christians. There is no "Tavoyan Church" whom are generational Christians. There is no Tavoyan Church expressing the Gospel in their heart language, accommodating their culture and led by their people. Some believers express an interest in making disciples among the Tavoyan people, yet this desire has to little sustainable action. Yet, God is working. Tavoyan people are interested in the Gospel; and, many are responding. A sizable group of Tavoyans are being converted in Thailand; and, some are returning home to evangelize and disciple their people. God has given us good relationships with at least one national church; and, He has connected us with two partners of another people group who began work among the Tavoyan people in Sept. 2012. We are also connected with believers in Thailand willing to partner there.

The T-People of Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Thailand

  • Principal City: Dawei (northern Tanintharyi Division)
  • Population:     600,000 +/- (thousands more in Thailand)
  • Language:      Tavoyan


  • Buddhist 99% +/- (high percentage of practical animists)
  • Christian <.02% (approximately 50 followers in Myanmar, more in Thailand, though the number is unclear)

My Role In the Mission Trip

First and foremost, it is my obligation and privilege to glorify God in all that I do. God has given me the gift of art, and so it has been my desire to use this gift as a means of glorifying God in the highest capacity. There is no greater means of glorifying God than glorifying His grace, which is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If the Lord wills, I will be painting Gospel presentations, and encouraging other believers through painting and teaching.

Sending Church

The missions trip I will be involved in will be under the authority of the local church that I am currently attending, Oak View Baptist Church in High Point, NC. If you would like more information regarding the church, its ministries, or this trip, feel free to contact them at Don Duncan is the Pastor for Missions.



Raising Funds For the Missions Trip

It has been said that some are called to go down into the well, and some are called to hold the rope. God has opened a door of opportunity for ministry to me and we are currently seeking those who are willing to "hold the rope" through prayer and finances.

Here's How You Can Help

Throughout the past few years, I've accumulated a group of original paintings and reproductions. I am currently offering these original paintings and prints at incredible prices in order to fund my way to Myanmar. You can help by donation or purchasing a piece of art listed below.


Limited Edition Reproductions

If you're interested in purchasing a print, I can accept cash, check, or credit card. If you need to pay online through PayPal, I can set you up a link. Contact Me to let me know which print and how you'd like to pay. The prices are: 

Lion and Lamb print  $65
Lighthouse  $40
Barn  $50

Original Paintings

These paintings are original acrylic paintings which were painted on location. This is a great way to invest in an original piece of art and at the same time invest in the mission work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sizes range from 8x10-11x14. Prices are: 8x10 $250; 9x12 $275; 11x14 $300. Contact me to purchase.