Painting Nature’s Abstracts

I often get tired of painting the typical tobacco barn or dairy farm that is so prevalent in this area of North Carolina. Not that they’re not great subjects to paint, because they are…especially when the light is right. However, this morning, I had the strong urge to paint something out of my comfort zone.

I got out of the bed a little after six, checked my emails and then managed to stumble my way to my painting gear. By around 7, I’m walking in the woods behind my house searching for the perfect scene  (of which I’m wondering if it really exists). Finally, I happened upon this little scene that is pictured above and I wonder if I should paint it.

I was immediately drawn to the dappled light that moved on the foreground trees. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated by the scene because of its abstract qualities…it’s certainly not my typical subject matter with all the fallen trees and rotting logs. But, in order to grow in any area, you have to stretch yourself. I began my painting on a neutral greensish toned panel…which is also unlike me, as I tend to use just a white panel. About an hour and a half later, I was finished…and happy.

What a joy to be able to behold God’s creation in the early morning while watching the squirrels play, listening to the birds chirp, and enjoying the cool early morning breeze, all while swiping acrylic paint on a panel and watching a scene that you’re not quite sure will work, come to life.

This was a great painting exercise and I hope to venture in this area more often.