Burnsville Plein Air Competition

plein air meadow mountains in Burnsville, NC
“Bolens Creek Meadow” 14×18 acrylic

Burnsville, NC has got to be on e of the most picturesque locations in North Carolina. Nestled in the Yancey Co. portion of the Appalachian mountains, just miles north of Asheville, lies this quaint, artsy, mountain town.

When the sun is out, an artist is like a kid in a candy store here. There are painting possibilities with every turn. However, when the sun is obscured by rain clouds and continuous downpours…things get a little trickier. All of these wonderful painting possibilities now bring on new struggles with their own challenges with the elements.

The painting above was my first painting of the day. This was a beautiful little spot located on Bolens Creek Rd. just off of Pensacola Rd. The rain started early that morning and remained for most of the day. Every now and then, I’d get a break from the drip, drip drips that landed on my head off my shadebuddy umbrella. I’m finding that it’s hard to complain about these little “annoyances”, knowing that this same rain is what God’s going to use to make our gardens grow, but thank God for the person who invented the poncho!

Below are some of the results of my challenges for that day:

Jeremy plein air painting in the rain
Jeremy plein air painting in Burnsville, NC in the rain.
My beautiful, very pregnant wife, Crystal

My loving wife graciously accompanied me the whole day. I know she was bored to death, but we do appreciate each other’s company. Here, she found a root cellar of some sorts to stay out of the rain.


Jeremy plein air painting this old landmark near Pensacola.
Jeremy plein air painting this old landmark near Pensacola.

plein air painting in rain near Burnsville, NC


plein air painting near Burnsville, NC
“Reflections of the Past” 7.5×13.5 acrylic